Creating the Perfect Google Plus Page for Your Business

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Creating the Perfect Google Plus Page for Business

Google Plus is an essential platform for small business owners and marketing professionals. It can help strengthen your search engine rank and gives your business a solid platform to demonstrate your thought leadership to your respective industry clients, peers and prospects.

Key to success on any social media platform is of course the ability to engage with your peers and prospects by publishing timely, useful and relevant content that attracts and excites those in your target market!

Consider these top tips to help supercharge your small business marketing results!

1 – Create your Google Plus Page

Google Plus allows you to create a personal page as well as a business page.

It is important however that you have a Gmail or Google account. The process of setting up a business page is pretty straight forward: visit Google My Business to choose the best business category, and follow the prompts to create your page.

If you already have a personal Google profile page, that is a bonus! As a business owner, the next step to promoting your organisation is to create your Google Plus business page.

2 – Optimise your Google Plus ‘About Page’

Your Google Plus About page should be used to display a brief summary of your business. This page is particularly important as it is one of the main pages that will be indexed by Google! It will help revitalise your search engine performance and attract new prospects.

Make sure you adopt an SEO-friendly description of your business with keywords and relevant links to your web site etc. Google Plus allows bullet points on the About page. Use bullet points to clearly display your products or services and let your page visitors know what your company does in an instance.

3 – Choose a professional image for your profile

When you are up and running on Google Plus, your profile is automatically connected with other web services such as Google search engine and YouTube.

Make sure you choose a professional image as your profile picture will appear (if you are logged in) alongside any comments you make on Google Plus, YouTube as well as other supported social media channels to market.

To project a professional image you should upload a decent profile picture of yourself. As an alternate, you may consider using your business logo, however using a photo of yourself adds a much more of a friendly / personable touch to your page.

4 – Post regularly with SEO optimised content

A key advantage of using Google Plus for your business is that it is inherently linked to Google.
Google’s search algorithms give priority results listing to those businesses that are linked to Google Plus! This means the more optimised content you post, the more often your business will appear when users are searching for information.

If you are posting an article, an image or a link to your Google Plus page, make sure you include related SEO keywords that will help index and promote your content more effectively on Google.

5 – Remember to use #hashtags in your posts

To support your business posts you should use #hashtags to link your content on Google Plus to relevant subjects, trending topics, and active conversations. Worth noting is that the #hashtags you use on Google Plus will also appear in Google searches, which further increases opportunities for your business to be found.

The best way to use them on Google Plus is to place one or two relevant #hashtags at the bottom of your posts, where they won’t be included in the teaser text but will be picked up by search engines.

6 – Use compelling imagery and video in your posts

Using imagery and/or video is still the greatest method of generating visual impact across Google Plus as well as other social media networks.

Posts with images increase the number of views, clicks, comments and social sharing. Whilst text posts can be informative don’t forget to spice them up with some eye candy! Make sure the images you use belong to you to avoid any legal issues.

7 – Consider sharing content from other relevant sources

Think of your Google Plus business page as a hub to attract and support the needs of key persona types in your industry. Sharing useful resources and providing thought leadership will keep your clients and prospects coming back for more. You will be much better placed for consideration when your ideal prospects are ready to make a purchase.

Periodically you may consider sharing videos and articles from other respected organisations in your industry. It is also a great way to generate interest and drive awareness of your brand and business.

8 – Participate with peers and prospects in your industry

To make the most of your Google Plus presence you need to grow your network of circles or connections. Engaging with customers, prospects and peers is the best way to develop your circles. Leverage topical conversations as well as industry news and events that will provide timely opportunities to comment and contribute to your business community. Show your interest in what others are saying by clicking +1 icon or leaving useful comments.

9 – Interact with Google events and Google Plus hangouts

Google Plus allows users to create and manage virtual events. Invitations can be sent to anyone, even if they do not have a Google+ account and is a useful feature that can help you build strong and credible communities. Events can be used to invite people to Google plus, create Hangouts.

The live chat feature lets you interact through text, images, voice call, and video chat. An increasing number of businesses are using Hangouts to coordinate conferences, presentations or simply to connect with their prospects on a regular basis.

If you are feeling adventurous and looking for new ways to engage and inspire your team, clients and prospects then now is the time to explore and take your Google Plus account to the next level!