Social Media Marketing for Business

Create value and trust with your industry peers, suppliers, prospects and clients...

The world of social media marketing for business is exciting and growing at phenomenal rate. If you are not keeping pace with change… now is the time to get up to speed as you could be missing out on new business. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other channels… we can get you noticed!

People search, network and communicate using social media. If you want to be noticed and create a real buzz, you need to get involved! Successful social media interaction is about sticky content and building quality contacts – not just harvesting numbers of random followers. It’s about creating relationships with industry peers, clients and prospects!

Did you know?

A well-considered social media strategy will help you maintain brand integrity as well as providing a global platform to engage with key influencers and decision makers in your industry. Remember to attract, nurture and gain trust with your target audience. Helping is the new selling!.

What our clients are saying

Love New Media have worked with us for almost the past year now and we have found them to be professional and efficient. Visioncare set ourselves very high standards and expect our business partners to do the same. I have no hesitation in recommending the Love New Media team to support your marketing aspirations. Visioncare – MD

How it works

We use social media monitoring techniques to listen and learn… We work with you to help clarify exactly what your audience is looking for! – This will help us agree an effective social media strategy to help your business build trust and demonstrate your thought leadership!

Your social engagement should uphold your business values. Also an important consideration is to use social media as a springboard to provide timely communications and demonstrate your brand personality. In a sea of mediocrity… be outstanding!

The more you build relationships, the more likely your connections will share your information. Don’t expect instant results – focus on being a provider of value that clients will want to remember and return to purchase / recommend.

Use social media to create a buzz… Provide a combination of creative content and insight…. Don’t just piggy back on the sentiment and content of others. Create your own valued content and resources that can be shared for maximum interest, control and results!

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